Hattiesburg Police donate seized watermelons to Christian Services

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Christian Services of Hattiesburg received a strange and unexpected donation Tuesday.

Members of the Hattiesburg Police Department's Drug Interdiction Team dropped off a truckload of watermelons seized in a drug arrest on I-59 over the weekend.

Police arrested Alejandro Padillo Junior of Texas after allegedly finding 30 pounds of marijuana hidden in the bed of his pickup, under the watermelons. The arrest stemmed from a routine traffic stop.

Police spokesperson Synarus Green said, "Like with any other property seized in a drug arrest, if the individual taken in to custody decides to sign their property over to law enforcement, that's their choice. And, so, they did sign over the watermelons to us, and as kind of a service to the community, we had an opportunity to give back and decided to donate the watermelons to Christian Services."

Christian Services will add the melons to its soup line, which serves hundreds of people each day.