Adalius Thomas Free Football Camp

Adalius Thomas, an NFL pro-bowler with the New England Patriots and a former Southern Miss Golden Eagle, is once again hosting his free, on-day football camp at USM on April 18.

He will be the featured instructor for his non-contact football camp. Guest speakers will also be featured.

Campers will receivean autographed photo and lunch.

All campers must pre-register at

Call 601-606-5313 or email at for more information.

2009 Adalius Thomas Footbball Camp Registration Form




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Medical Release and Waiver of Liability

I hereby certify that I am the parent and/or legal guardian of the camp applicant above. I also certify that my son is physically fit for strenuous activity

according to our family physician. In the event that my son is injured or beecomes ill, I hereby grant my permission on our family's behalf, in case of

emergency, for the Adalius Thomas Football Camp personnel to provide or seek medical assistance as may be deemed necessary under then-existing

circumstances. Further, I understand fully that individuals who participate in camp activities are doing so at their own risk. I acknowledge that the

staff, management, and employees of the Adalius Thomas Football Camp and/or University of Southern Mississippi are not responsible for any injury

that may occur to individuals participating in any camp activity, and accordingly, will not file legal action against the camp staff, management, and

employees of the Adalius Thomas Football Camp and/or University of Southern Mississippi. Participation is on a voluntary basis only.


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