Judge declares mistrial in Melton case

JACKSON, MISS (AP) - A judge has declared a mistrial in the case of a Mississippi mayor charged with leading a sledgehammer attack on a duplex he suspected was a crack house.

Jurors told U.S. District Judge Daniel P. Jordan III on Tuesday that they were hopelessly deadlocked in the case of Jackson Mayor Frank Melton after five days of deliberations. Jurors arrived at the same conclusion last Thursday, but Jordan told them to keep trying.

Prosecutors say the 59-year-old mayor was drunk the night he led the vigilante-style raid. They charged him and former police bodyguard Michael Recio with violating the civil rights of the duplex's owner and tenant.

Melton, a self-proclaimed get-tough-on-crime politician in his first term, said he was only trying to help the city and the tenant.