Viewpoint: Economic Stimulus Plan

The Economic Stimulus plan has passed both houses of Congress and once signed by President Obama will represent the largest amount of money ever to be spent by the government in an effort to help out an ailing economy.  It will cost just under $800 billion by the time it gets to the President.
To say that the bill has been controversial is an understatement.  In a Seven-On-Your-Side Website poll earlier this week over 82 percent of our viewers said they were against the plan, while just under 18 percent supported it.  Nationwide, however, the numbers have grown much more favorable as the week has progressed.
While most people believe the government needs to do something to soften the blow of this recession…the folks who are against this particular bill typically have one chief rub.  That is the number of so-called pork or special interest spending for programs that have little to do with stimulating the economy.  While some of them may be worthy programs, getting them passed by lumping them in an omnibus plan to rescue our economy, save jobs and keep people in their homes is not the way to get them enacted.
This bill is hundreds of pages long and it is doubtful that most of the people in Congress will even read it all in the time they have given the hurry up negotiations and rush to vote.  Personally, while we need expediency to get people help, I think more care and thought should be put into this herculean effort.  It often seems like someone who is getting a debt consolidation loan to keep from going bankrupt and borrowing enough money to buy a new car and living room set in the process.  There is a time and place for all things…but not all things are wise under the circumstances.
Or perhaps it’s like a large group of doctors arguing over how to treat a life-threatening disease with the bottom line that it will either help somewhat or kill you…but let’s do it as fast as we can.  It’s all more than a little scary. 
Regardless, let’s hope whatever comes out of it will indeed avert catastrophe and strengthen our economy without breaking it.  Everyone wants success.  But I do think our government could have handled the economy over the past decades much better…and I think this process could have been handled a lot better as well.  But for the sake of our nation…I sure hope it works.
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