Viewpoint: Big Switch Date

Some of you may be wondering why we are still counting down to Feb. 17 as the time when we will go to all digital broadcasting, when I've already told you Congress is passing an extension until June 12, and we would continue our analog broadcast most likely until then.

To be clear, even though this extension was asked for by the Obama administration to give people more time to get ready to go all digital, and it has now passed both legislative branches; until the president actually affixes his signature to it - which we have virtually no doubt that he will do - the old law is still in effect.

The old law puts us under an FCC mandate to continue the countdown and public announcements that indicate february 17 is the date we will go all digital.

Therefore, even though some stations may indeed stick to the Feb. 17to switch, WDAM has every intention of continuing both our analog and digital broadcasting almost surely until the June 12 date cited in the extention.

We are sorry for any confusion this might have caused and wanted to make sure you knew the reason for the conflicting messages you may have seen.

I'm Jim Cameron, thank you for your patience while the government works through this process.   We hope this helps clear things up.

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