Former Hattiesburg coach, police officer's sexual battery case in stand still

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A bond revocation hearing for a former JCJC cheerleading coach and one-time Hattiesburg police officer accused of sexual battery has once again ended with no ruling.

Shane Wagner appeared Tuesday before Judge Prentiss Harrell for the second time in two weeks after prosecutors alleged he made some type of contact with an alleged victim - a violation of his bond requirements.

Wagner was arrested for sexual battery in August of 2008. Tuesday's hearing was a continuation of his January bond revocation hearing which was prolonged until one of the victims would be able to testify.

In the testimony, the alleged victim stated there was electronic communication between the two. Wagoner denied any contact, and judge Harrell decided to continue the hearing until the state's bureau of investigations could verify whether messages were sent back and forth.

Meanwhile, Wagner will remain out on bond.