Hattiesburg adjusts budget due to fuel mixup

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Hattiesburg City Leaders must make some adjustments to the city's budget after discovering a large shortfall.

Monday, the council held their work session to discuss amending the budget for the fiscal year ending in 2010 after fuel cost discrepencies were discovered.

Chief Financial Officer Connie Everett said during the fiscal year for 2008 the city was transferring to a new monitoring system for fuel input and output at the city barn. Because of some quirks, Councilman Dave Ware said the city now has $100,000 less than originally thought.

Everett said there is no reason to believe deception was involved, and the problems stem from the pumps giving lower costs and tickets not being dispensed. Ware said city leaders need to take a hard look at fuel costs as well as consumption rates of gasoline and diesel.

Everett said the fuel monitoring system currently in place is working properly and the problems should be resolved.