Viewpoint: Israel has the right to defend itself

There was a news report today of an Israeli gunboat firing a warning shot at a Palestinian boat nearing forbidden Israeli waters today.  No one was killed, but there were a couple of injuries it was reported.
In the unilateral ceasefire declared by Israel they reserved the right to defend themselves against incursions or violations against their land and territorial waters.  Rightfully so.  I for one think that Israel has shown remarkable restraint over the past years compared to the rocket attacks, suicide bombings and the stated belief by most if not all of their neighbors that they have no right to exist.  And that is some of the less venous statements of hatred that has been labeled against them.
What if Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee and Arkansas…all bordering states of Mississippi proclaimed their hatred of us and vowed to push us into the Gulf of Mexico.  Then these states followed it up by decades of violence, sending people, rockets and bombs into our communities to kill Mississippians.   Would we not have the right to rally our National Guard, State law enforcement and citizens to retaliate? 
Last night I saw footage of the tunnels from Egypt into Gaza used to smuggle rockets and arms to Hamas and other terrorists already re-opened after being caved in by Israeli bombing raids.  That is not exactly a show of good faith in the cease fire initiative.  While we should always strive for fairness and work for peace…the United States needs to continue our strong support for Israel and its people.  They are the only true democracy in the region and the rightful homeland of the Jewish people. 
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