Viewpoint: Elvis, we need you now

January 8 is the birthday of Elvis Presley.  


Why do a commentary on an entertainer who died in 1977 when we’ve got all the weighty issues going on around us, you may ask.    Notwithstanding the fact I’ve been an Elvis fan ever since he came on the scene, Iwas inspired by a commentary I heard Mike Huckabee do on his show over the weekend.  

He pointed out that Elvis was a big force in breaking down racial barriers with his music, a mix of blues, boogie, country and gospel.

 He gave a generation of rural Southern boys who were looked down on by the rest of the nation and called ignorant and worse hope we too could be somebody, that anyone in this great country could rise above their circumstances and go for their dreams. You didn’t have to settle.  

He changed the world with his music and brought untold joy and happiness to millions as well as setting a wonderful example with his generosity and humble attitude toward his fans. We could use a little more of that kind of example today.  


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