Viewpoint: Lawmakers have their work cut out

Well it is that time of year again. 


The Mississippi legislature is in session in Jackson, and congress is taking on a myriad of issues in Washington.  If ever there was a need for wisdom and statesmenship it is now.  


Both on a state level and a national level we have problems unparalled in many years. WDAM will be following the issues and keeping you up to date. I’m sure I’ll put forth plenty of my opinions, and I look forward to hearing from you.  


We hope to bring you thoughtful and insightful viewpoints that will make you think deeply about the issues. Now is not the time to list them all, and if we are not careful we could really get down in the dumps just thinking about the situations that surround us.  


But it is solutions we need and our lawmakers, both state and national need your input.  


News Seven is on your side, and we look forward to a straight forward, and at times controversial, discussion on a regular basis about the people’s business.  


I’m Jim Cameron.  


Let us hear from you about your concerns.


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