Student arrested for allegedly bringing guns to school

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A student at Hattiesburg High School is behind bars.


The male student was arrested Wednesday morning after he allegedly brought two guns to school Monday.


An administrator said he noticed the student go into the bathroom with a backpack and leave without it. That backpack contained two .25 caliber pistols.


The student will now be expelled.

"He admitted that they were his he didn't deny it, and we proceded with the procedures of contacting the authorities and moving forward," said principal Robert Sanders.

Sanders added the student was stuggling with personal issues not related to school. He said the student forgot the guns were in his backpack and wanted to ditch them.

Superintendent Annie Wimbish said all of the right security measures were in place. The school is also working with the Hattiesburg Police to provide extra security.

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