A Message to Home Entertainment Cable Subscribers from Jim Cameron

January 1st marks the day nationwide when re-negotiated contracts between cable companies and television stations will go into effect. WDAM is pleased to report that our parent company, Raycom Media has successfully reached agreements with all the cable companies in our disignated market area with only one exception. While still negotiating and optimistic for a positive outcome we have yet to reach agreement with Home Cable Entertainment run by Leland Dennison out of Walker Louisiana. Until a final agreement is reached subscribers to this one cable system will not have authorization after midnight December 31, 2008 to carry WDAM. This will affect their subscribers in Mclaurin, Sanford, Seminary, and Sunrise according to Mr. Dennison. WDAM deeply regrets this inconvenience and hopefully will have an agreement worked out with home cable entertainment just as we do with all the other cable companies listed in our disignated area.

Of course viewers can still get WDAM free over the air in these areas...though in some cases rabbit ears or an antenna may be needed. You may reach Home Cable Entertainment and urge a speedy resolution to the retransmission agreement if you so desire at 225-665-4997 at their home office in Walker, Louisana. Again, if you are not on this system and in our 8-county disignated area, you should have no interruption receiving WDAM on cable as usual.

By the way, on behalf of your extended family at WDAM-TV, this is Jim Cameron wishing you and yours a happy, blessed and safe new year.