Viewpoint: Project Roadblock

WDAM is joining with hundreds of other television stations all over the country who are participating in Project Roadblock.  This project is an attempt by broadcasters to remind you that as we go through the holiday festivities we want you to be safe and keep others safe as well.
One way of doing that is by making sure that you don’t get behind the wheel of any vehicle unless you are straight and sober.  Law enforcement agencies will be out in force.  But everyone needs to take responsibility for themselves in order to keep the tragedy of a drunk or impaired driver causing death or injury to other innocent parties or themselves for that matter.  If you must drink…make sure you have someone sober to drive.  Otherwise call someone…even the police for assistance in getting home.  Better that than taking a chance you may never recover from…or causing an incident you will always regret.
We will be running numerous public service announcements to remind you.  But use common sense and consideration and only drive sober during the holiday season and all other times as well.  I’m Jim Cameron.  As always, let us hear from you.
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