Protestors march at Howard Industries owner's home, demand money

Former employees of Howard Industries and an immigrant's rights organization are accusing owner Billy Howard of withholding thousands of dollars in back pay and personal belongings.

Workers, family members and members of the Mississippi Immigrant's Rights Alliance marched near the Howard home in Laurel Thursday night demanding $200,000 in back wages and personal items such as passports, ID cards, wallets and cash.

In September, immigration and customs enforcement rounded up nearly 600 workers at the plant in the largest raid of its kind in U.S. history.

Protestors claim 210 of those arrested are still owed money.

The company issued a statement defending itself saying it is cooperating with federal agencies in the handling of the paychecks and personal items in question.

The statement said in part, "...the company will distribute every dollar of pay that is owed, but we will not be pressured..."