Jackson County attempting to recover millions promised by FEMA

Jones County officials have hired a Jackson attorney to recover millions of dollars promised by FEMA after Hurricane Katrina.

Jones County Board of Supervisors Ppresident Andy Dial said FEMA still owes the county about $4 million for debris clean up, damages to buildings and emergency response.

Dial said FEMA has approved two of the four million the county has been awaiting but a newly hired jackson attorney is now negotiating the recovery of the additional two million.

"We have four million dollars that left," said Dial "Two million of it has been approved. We are still waiting to see what happens on the little over $2 million for debris. We are going to have to pursue that in which ever avenue we need to to get the money. We need the money."

Dial says FEMA has already paid the county nearly $30 million for debris clean up.