Viewpoint:: Thanksgiving in Hard Times

Everywhere one goes or turns these days the main topic of conversation seems to be the dire economic situation. One never knows what gas prices are going to do next. Wars and rumors of wars, instability, uncertainty and terrorism plague the planet. 
It’s easy and tempting to give in to depression and despair.
If we look constantly inward and stew about what is or may happen in our own lives we create a recipe for misery. Instead, we should take this Thanksgiving season to start to be more concerned with the plight of others.
The old saying ‘I cried because I had no shoes until I saw a man who had no feet’ is ever true. Think about it. We live in the greatest nation on Earth, and we still have our freedom. Yes there are those poor and hurting among us. However if you’ve even seen the suffering and inhumanity that is common in so many places around the world, you quickly come to realize that we are indeed blessed to live in this wonderful nation.
We need to be mindful to give thanks for that. We need to cherish and protect our way of life and the principles that have made this nation great. We need to be especially thankful for our men and women in uniform who are doing just that.
Finally, we never need to lose our sense of compassion and charity. There is a special blessing in sacrificial giving to those in more need than ourselves that goes beyond our feeble attempts to describe and explain. Thankfulness for what we have and giving to those who have less is the best way to celebrate the spirit of Thanksgiving. Why not give it a try.
I’m Jim Cameron, as always write us with your comments and input. We remain thankful always for you our viewing audience.
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