Woman claims sexual assault at Jones County Jail

A woman jailed for driving under the influence of alcohol in Jones County claims she was sexually assaulted in a holding cell.

Shortly after midnight on Friday, the state highway patrol booked a woman, whose name they are not releasing, into the jail for a DUI, according to Sherriff Alex Hodge. 

Hodge said the woman was disorderly and was placed alone into a male holding cell. Several hours later, four other men were placed into the same cell with her, and during that time she claims she was assaulted.

Hodge admits the three jailers on duty that night violated procedures. He said those deputies have been fired.

"I'm disappointed, but we have 81 employees here, and we strive to do the best thast we can," said Hodge. "We found there to be some policy procedures violations, and we took action."

Hodge said the matter is still under investigation.