Justice building repairs almost done

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) - Repairs are almost complete at

Mississippi's new Carroll Gartin Justice Building, where a

sprinkler malfunction did nearly $3 million in damage three months

after the building opened.

The 150 people who work there got off early Friday and will get

off two hours early on two more Fridays - Nov. 14 and Dec. 5 - so

repair crews can turn off the power and get to work on three

weekends of final repairs.

The $38 million building opened in February.

State Supreme Court Chief Justice Jim Smith said Friday that

investigators don't yet know why the fourth-floor sprinkler began

spraying in May, inundating the east half of the four-story

building. The architect, Finance and Administration Department,

fire marshal's office and contractors all investigated that


The building was closed for a couple of weeks. Crews had to

remove carpets and floor molding, and dry about 200 files in the

court clerk's office page by page.

Kym Wiggins, spokeswoman for the Department of Finance and

Administration, said insurance is paying for the damage. Insurance

has been required on all state buildings since Hurricane Katrina in

2005, Wiggins said.

Documents to be filed with the clerk of court during the

closures can be brought to the Capitol Police at the front desk.

After hours and weekends, documents can be brought to Capitol

Police station in the new Capitol Building.

In addition to the state Supreme Court and Court of Appeals, the

building houses the Supreme Court Clerk, the State Library, the

Administrative Office of Courts, the Board of Bar Admissions, the

Board of Certified Court Reporters and the Commission on Continuing

Legal Education.

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