Yolanda Baker's Biggest Loser Blog - November 7

11/07/08~I know I have been slacking with writing my blogs but it seems like there have really not been enough hours in a day lately! Well, I conquered another big weight loss (5lbs). It's weird that the weeks I think I'm doing extremely well it's the total opposite. Now from last week, and gaining a pound I learned that too much sodium is definately a bad thing! Out of convience, I was eating frozen packed meals that contained great amounts of sodium and began retaining water! Also after almost 3 days of soreness from my lower body workout I'm beginning to move more swiftly.


I'm sad and relieved in a sense that this competition is drwing towards an end due to the fact that Thursdays are sooooooooo stressful; it's like I'm walking on egg shells the entire day (weigh-in days) trying not to take in much sodium, not to drink too much water, etc. My goal during this competition was to lose anywhere from 35-40 lbs and I have almost met my mark and have 2 more weeks to go! Jennifer is one of my biggest motivators and I'm sure she has so much more planned for me after the competition is over. I'm not sure what my overall goal weight is, but my ideal size is to maintain a size 12 or 14 and maintain it.