Amie Morgan's Biggest Loser Blog - Oct. 9 -19

Thursday, October 9, 2008

So, I looked in my calendar last night to check out the schedule for today and I feel bummed instantly because I have to be Gautier for 9, that means I leave the house at 7!  I AM feeling better today, way to go DOC! But I am still not back to new, so it is a struggle to get going.  So I get on the road and drive up here and am setting up my room and am hanging my signs, etc. and realize it is 5 till 9 and I am the only one here!!!!!  I pull my calendar out and GUESS what time the test started…1! Yeah, not 9, 1!!!!  Anyways, I get on the phone and get to calling the FIVE students that I drove down here to test.  I get one to come right away and she starts around 10, then everybody else filters in a little later, about every 30 minutes, except 1.  She didn’t get my message, so she shows up to test at 1 L Yep, I was there until 5 p.m., which would have been completely fine except for the fact that I had been there since 9 and had limited food supply and the ONLY place in Gautier that would deliver was Pizza Hut.  Mmmmhmmm, I got a calzone and BOY was it cheesy and meaty and greasy, but oh my it tasted good (sorry Pam). So I tell Pam the problems and she tells me to just come in the morning…

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Friday, October 10, 2008

That shot was SO messed up, it made me feel good yesterday, but I am feeling like crap again today…. So I purposely don’t eat or drink before I go in because I know my stuff is gonna be flickted because of my timing (we weigh at 5:30 pm on Thursdays-my body is not used to 9 AM on Friday) being off.  But guess the heck what, I GAINED, and not just a pound, TWOO, uhhh, the calzone was SOO not that good (yeah Pam I know).  So I go home, prepare a nutritious breakfast and cry a little, just a little.  Because you know what, we did the inches today too! This was our mid-way mark (week 6) and they wanted to show us how far we had come and guess what baby, 17.5 INCHES.  I have lost like the waist of a skinny minny.  Can you believe that?  Of course we did it a little different (waist, hips, calf, and arm), but still that is so cool! Inches really mean more than pounds to me, but the inches don’t win the contest, so I gotta hustle up—after I rest up cause I am SOO tired. 

Monday, October 13, 2008

Well, so I told you my proposal is due today now right?  Well, I also have a mid-term in one of my night classes, and I have to work for like 5 hours too.  Well, I get to school as early as a I can with a workout in the morning, and start on the proposal.  Then the testing starts and I have a room full of raised hands! I swear my testers have never asked so many questions before. Of course, when I need to get something done, it will be a hassle.  After the test, I study for the mid-term and eat dinner (I brought soup) and then take the hard test, and THANK the LORD, the professor saw the boredom and wore out look in our eyes and he let us go at 8:30 instead of keeping us for class until after 9! That was the only reason I got the proposal submitted before midnight.  Yeah, so they call me a procrastinator, but strangely I it was just that proposal. For some reason I had decided it was the devil and I didn’t want to deal with it, so I just ignored it.  So hey, I had to walk across campus at midnight, but I got the proposal submitted!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Yeah, so we had the second competition today and MY TEAM won!! Linda, Matt, and I were all working as a team to “make-over” a grocery cart for a romantic dinner for two and we made some really good decisions.  We changed the ribeye to lean turkey, the stuffed baked potato to steamed broccoli and cauliflower, etc.  It was fun, running around the grocery store, wondering what the other team was doing and what choices would net us the most points, oh yeah and WINNING, HOOOYAHHH.
Thursday, October 16, 2008

So I drove to Meridian this morning and came back in time for the weigh-in, just to lose only 2 ½ pounds…. That would be sooo excellent if I hadn’t gained TWO last week… Yeah, so I lost ½ pound over TWO weeks of working out and ‘almost’ eating right.  Anyways, this today, Friday, and this weekend is supposed to be my Fall Break, but I have to meet with my Department Chair and talk about my proposal tomorrow and submit two assignments Saturday, and another on Monday!! What the friggin heck?

Friday, October 17, 2008

 So I went to the Thesis proposal meeting and found out I got a 52% on the proposal…. I was soooo bummed until he told me no one has ever made higher than a 75% on proposal and that it only counted for 20% of the grade.  Then I was only partially bummed, but still… I am so upset at myself for procrastinating that project, I actually enjoyed it while I was doing it (albeit at 11 or so at night-in a USM computer lab) and even talking about it, I really am taking pride in my work… I just hate that I don’t take advantage of opportunities to get ahead when I have them, LIKE THIS CONTEST… I mean, I am not the type to have a tough, tough competitive edge, but I wanna win of course, but you know I just want to lose as much weight and as many inches as I can before I get kicked out of the gyms they let us use (I love the ease of showering right after and heading to another appointment). You can’t beat free (even if it is for only 12 weeks).

Sunday, October 19, 2008

So I wake up sick and just cannot pull myself out of bed to go to church (Sorry God), and I literally have to force myself to walk Tiger, but I don’t let my mind or body deter me from taking a nice jog to the college and back, that is a mile away and it did my body good. I had to stop twice because I could breathe (a mile is a long way!) and then I had to just walk back.  But hey,  I did it… That is something I never did before.