Former police officer arrested after allegedly decapitating ex's dog

A former Pine Belt law enforcement officer will remain in jail unless he can come up with a $100,000 dollar cash bond.

Johnny Smith, 39, is in jail for burglary and felony malicious mischief after allegedly breaking into his ex-girlfriend's garage and killing her two dogs - decapitating one and ripping the other open with a machete.

He also reportedly cut the four tires on his former girlfriend's car. S

mith has worked for various area law enforcement agencies including the Soso Police Department and the Wayne County Narcotics Task Force. He is also a Laurel fireman.

District Attorney Tony Buckley said he was going to recommend no bond for Smith, but Smith's attorney waived Wednesday's initial court appearance.

Smith's case will be presented at the next convening of a grand jury.

Buckley said slaughtering the dogs is a misdemeanor, but breaking in and committing a misdemeanor is a felony.