Moss Point man confesses to murder of Hattiesburg resident

A 16-year-old Moss Point resident confessed to murder after being arrested Monday afternoon

Darwin Wells Junior is being charged as an adult on one count of murder. In his confession, Wells claimed the shooting Thursday night near a gas station on Highway 63 was an accident.

Michael Porter, 44, was shot to death after stopping to ask for directions to a high-school football game.

Porter and his wife drove from Hattiesburg to watch their grandson play in Gautier.

At the time, police said they believed robbery or carjacking was the motive for the shooting.

Police say in Wells' confession, he said he needed money.

The two believed to be with Wells at the time of the shooting are also in custody, but they have not been charged at this time.

Authorities said tips from community and information from the Moss Point school district helped lead them to Wells.