Yolanda Baker's Biggest Loser Blog - Oct. 20

Wow, it seems like forever and a day since I've taken time to update my status. So here goes........I have had a breakdown, celebration and birthday! On our 10/09/08 weigh-in I had only lost half of a lb! I was in complete shambles! I felt that I had worked out sooooooooo hard and did not lose what I thought I should have. After working with Jennifer/Jillian for just a week and staying on the same kcal count I lost a whopping 7lbs! I could not believe it! I was so overwhelmed, I had to call Jennifer/Jillian. Words truly cannot express how appreciative I am for the one on one that Jennifer/Jillian has given me. I'm sure some may wonder why I say Jennifer/Jillian, well it's because that is the awesome trainer from ABC's biggest loser and she is phenomenal! I just feel so much lighter these days. And before this challenge I was a shop-a-holic, but after I started my healthy lifestyle I shyed away from the stores because I didn't want to get discouraged if a certain size didn't fit the way I felt it should; however I bout a dress this weekend that was 3 dress sizes smaller than normal!!!!! Wooooooohoooooooooo! I'm just so thankful for me being consistently motivated, the training staff, Pam and so many others that would take up lines and line of space. I know now that seeing results only makes me work harder in the weeks to come!