Matthew Emecheta's Biggest Loser Blog - Oct. 22

So now im ready for another great week. When i stepped on the scale last week and lost that  much weight i was like Hell yeah! Im ready, locked and loaded.I really just wanted to thank some of the great people in my life. i have had so much support that it trully has been amazing to me that this many people care. First id like to thank my mom. She has always been my cheerleader when nobody else was cheering. My dad(jay) for giving me great advice on so many things in life that ive taken those wise words and used them in this compettion. My Brother for always having my back even if i was in the wrong he has always proteced me. My sister just for being so darn smart im so proud of her. Ruth thanks for keeping it real and always telling me that when you have the baby we are gonna work out. Dub thanks for being you and keeping me laughing and blushing. Lydia thanks for keeping me strong with your words and encouragement.Krista thanks for trying to be my dieticaian and personal trainer. you have been great. Sherri thanks for keeping me grounded and encouraged. Shanna thanks for always calling me on thursdays and encouraging me to keep going and for calling me sexy its a major mood booster. Brad(my boss) thanks for being flexible with scheduleing and always talking crap thinking that it will make me mad and workout harder does! Janet and Mickey for always keeping me positive. Cindy for always checking on me and giving me good advice. Tina(beena) for keeping my saine..."Thanks but no thanks" Latisha you are my rock and i love ya to death, you have always helped me in everything i do. Last but not least Brad(da best friend) ever since that first day in college, when you thought i was arragonat and thought i knew it all you have had my back. you have seen me down in the pits and riding in the clouds. No matter where i was in life you have always been my ace. my right hand..i love ya and thank you. There are so many people i can thank and if i missed your name you know i love ya!