Matthew Emecheta's Biggest Loser Blog - Oct. 15

So its been great the last couple of weeks. One week i only lost 1.4llbs so i was a little depressed. I got more focused and the next week i lost 5llbs. My goal is to be able to get on the regular scale at the Payne center and weigh my self. It only goes up to 350llbs so I've got 5 more lbs and i will be there. Over the course of this competition Ive noticed that this has been a dramatic life style change. My step dad used to tell me that it takes 30 days to form a habit. He was right...he has always been right on a lot of things..only if i had So by life has really changed. I drove by taco bell and sonic and that old urge was not there. Ive gone from fried roasted chicken breast. I went from rootbeer to Mr. Pibb zero. and from cakes to carrots. Im still amazed everytime i step on the scale and see the weight is gone. its just amazing...its bananas! Its been emotional this week jsut beacuse i am an emotional kid. I miss my mother and brother a lot, so when i get a chance to talk to them it really encourages me to keep going. I was invited to the fair and i thought what was i gonna do at the fair. Im still kinda big cant ride the rides and there are turkey legs and nachos raining down on me. So i made the descion to just go to work instead! Im still waiting on the day to where i can walk into a clothing store and get anything i want without having to go to the big and tall store. Extra fabric cost extra!