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J.R. Carter's Biggest Loser Blog - Sept. 28 through Oct. 10

Week 5 – 9/29 through 10/05


Monday – The relay competition is coming up close. Trying to pump up my cardio to get ready for it. Tried to get some inside info from Caleb, but none was provided…


Tuesday – Tuesdays are my hardest days. I have a large territory to handle and I have to work in Meridian on these days. So, after driving/working all day, going to the gym is a real challenge for me. But, I did make it up there and did the normal routine of bike, treadmill, and stairmaster.


Wednesday – The competition was great. I won the challenge by having the shortest time. It was ½  run on the treadmill, 2 miles on the bike, and 10 jump test, and a speed/agility run…best I can explain is like the tires on a football field… I think we were all exhausted after this! I went home, some other crazy people stayed for more punishment…


Thursday – After running the ½ mile yesterday with relative ease, I decided to start running on the treadmill versus walking all the time. I was able to do ½ mile again today along with the bike, stairmaster, and upper body work.

Friday – I did a two-a-day today. Ran ½ mile early a.m. and then came back this afternoon to catch the other ½ mile and then finish out with the normal routine. Feels good.


Saturday – Didn’t make it to the gym. State fair in Jackson, so we packed up baby and were there all day. Very proud of myself for not eating a single bad thing. Normally, the free biscuits, funnel cakes, and fried oreos call my name constantly!


Sunday – Church, lazy around the house. Gym closed on Sundays, but I did feel the urge to exercise, so I went on a lazy walk around the neighborhood with the dogs.


Week 6 (Halfway) 10/6 through 10/12


Monday – Running is my new thing. I enjoy it a lot (not so much when I’m towards the end when I’m out of breath, exhausted, and sweating from head to toe). Afterwards I fell great and have a real sense of accomplishment. I was able to run .8 miles before stopping, but kept walking for a few minutes, then finished out the remaining .2 miles. Very pleased I didn’t have to completely stop and finish later in the day.


Tuesday – Same thing on the treadmill, couldn’t finish out the mile, but did it in stages. Came home and worked out the kettlebells to keep heartbeat up. I can taste that mile. I’m going to get it tomorrow.


Wednesday – I got it! I made the mile this morning. Scott was there to see and gave me a lot of encouragement on it. I stayed at the gym and did the stairmaster, and upper body weights. I came back tonight and ran another mile. This feels great!


Thursday – I can feel it building inside me now. I love this new running I’m doing. I slowed my rate a bit and was able to get one and a half miles in today…but was about to pass out in the process. The weigh in was good, I lost another 5 pounds..would have liked a little more, but I can handle 5.


Friday – Early a.m. run. Did the mile and a half again, then stairmaster, and upper body. My wife is off today, so we are headed to Pensacola, FL for a quick get-away. We lived there a few years back and it was nice to catch up with old friends. My favorite shoe store (I know not many people have favorite shoe stores, but I have horrible feet and need the best shoes I can find). While a the shoe store, I saw a flier for a 5k race sat morning. Turns out the race was only about a ½ mile from our hotel, I signed up.


Saturday – Completed my first 5k! Time was 43:15. Pretty good for a fat guy that’s only been running 10 days… It was very intimidating walking up to the race with all the seasoned runners/athletes in their gear, but I started and finished it. I was exhausted afterwards.


Sunday – Legs in pain from the 5k yesterday. I decided to walk the same course from yesterday. We got back to the burg and my wife and I wanted to walk the Rails to Trails.. so I ended up walking another 3 miles. I slept good that night.


Week 7 10/13 through 10/19


Monday – I decided to take a day off. My right knee has been hurting today and decided to let my body rest… although it was hard, since I wanted to run again.


Tuesday – Back at the gym this a.m. Anxious to get back on the treadmill. Started out fine, but soon after my right knee started bothering me again. I only made it ½ mile before stopping from the pain. I went to the doctor he told me I have bursitis and to stay off it until it gets better. That really depressed me because I’ve just started something I love, and now I can’t do it anymore because of this stinking knee problem. Hopefully it will heal quick, and I can hit the road again soon.


Wednesday – Did a good workout with the Kettlebells this a.m. They are good for right now since they don’t require much movement of the knee. Going to hit the gym this afternoon. Going to try and do non-load bearing work like the bicycle and some upper body weights.

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