Yolanda Baker's Biggest Loser Blog - October 10

Well yesterday was an extremely emotional day for me after my weigh-in when i only lost 1 lb! i know i am eating right (recommended kcal being met) and also working out extremely hard. After the group had a "oprah session" (in the words of matt), pam suggested that i meet formally with jennifer to discuss a specific workout plan. Immediately i went over to the gym and had another emotional time with jennifer :). I soon discovered that there were several things that i was doing wrong as far as my daily workout, and i was personally confused on the amount of kcal i should have been eating. I now am required to workout 5 days a week! i was really shocked about that. I also told jennifer that i want "jillian" to come out of her on me and push me as hard as i can go :). Well, i must say after the meeting and workout outline i felt much better!