Alicia Martin's BIggest Loser Blog - Oct. 7

So, I only lost like 2 lbs last week...had a total meltdown.   I want to win as much as anybody, but my getting upset wasn't really about that. Working out 7 days a week for at least an hour (most of the time 2!) and then only losing 2 lbs was like getting kicked in the teeth.

I told Pam when I first walked in that my blood pressure goes up right before I weigh-in because I've been contitioned to dred getting any sort of "results" back.  I mean you could build a 2 bedroom house with the number of negative pregnancy tests I've taken. Doctor visits were always a special form of torture because I 1st got to wait in a waiting room full of pregnant women for what was going to be only more bad news and "we don't know what's wrong".  

Having 2 weeks in a row of me working my 200%....and only losing a couple of lbs....was just like trying to get pregnant all over again.  Doing everything "right" and it still not be good enough.  

I know that 1-2 pounds per week is a quote/unquote "healthy" weight loss. But for someone my size to workout like that and only lose 2lbs.....excuse me-actually a week....I can't have (can't take) too many more weeks like that. I did my time on the heartbreak rollercoaster...

I'm not a quitter.  I never have been.  I just want the "sweat equity" invested to produce a result in keeping with how much I've committed to this.  

So we're modifing my plan a little. We're cutting my exercise back this week to JUST 5 times a week. Never thought I'd say that.  But changing my calories didn't help. We're supposed to get measured again this week and that will be interesting!  I need a boost!