Biggest Loser contestants compete in first relay challenge

The WDAM Biggest Loser contestants competed in a relay challenge on Oct. 1 at the Hwy 49 location of Forrest General Wellness.

Each contestant had to complete a half-mile run on a treadmill, two miles on a stationary bike, 10 jumps on an 8-inch step, and finished up with a run through an agility ladder.

J.R. Carter completed the circuit in the fastest time and won a three-month membership to Forrest Genral Wellness.

Here are the times for each contestant:

J.R. Carter                12:45:73

Amie Morgan            14:15:94

Yolanda Baker          14:17:34

Alicia Martin             14:28:77

Matthew Emecheta   16:11:85

Linda Boutwell          16:16:91