Bryant tells Hattiesburg ADP he opposes bailout

Lieutenant Governor Phil Bryant made a stop in Hattiesburg as the guest speaker at the Area Development Partnership's First Friday.

While there, he addressed the country's financial crisis and the passage of the emergency bailout plan.

Before the bill passed, Bryant said he was concerned with the concept of government bailing out failing companies. Bryant agreed with senators Roger Wicker and Thad Cochran who voted against the bill Wednesday.
In the house Friday, Chip Pickering voted for the bill while Travis Childers, Bennie Thompson and Gene Taylor voted against it.
Bryant said he supported a loan, not a bailout.

"I understand we've got to do something, but to burden the tax payers with that type of bailout is troublesome to me," said Bryant. "The market will eventually right itself, so I'm more of a free market believer, and I think the least the better. This time less is more."

The $700 billion bailout plan passed the house by 92 votes Friday and was signed into law by President Bush.