Yolanda Baker's Biggest Loser Blog - Oct. 2

Yesterday was very interesting!!! We had our first BLC (biggest loser challenge) and what an event it was. Visualize walking in an aerobic room seeing a treadmill, bike, step, and blocks on floor. Our time started when we got on the treadmill and walked/jogged/ran 1/2 mi. (We pulled numbers and went in order) I was number 6!!!! My buddy Aimee was #5. As I watched the contestants one by one begin this strenuous journey I tried to figure out a logical tactic with less fatigue as possible. Let's just say it's easy to strategize off of the equipment! :) My biggest challenge was staying on that bike! At the end of my journey I thought my heart was going to explode, I kept seeing my trainer Caleb giving me the thumbs up, (thanks for the motivation, ha). Alas, the prize of a free 3mo membership was awarded to JR, woohoo, taking the gold, Aimee came in second with the bronze and I came in 3rd with the silver(LOL)!!!! But everyone did an awesome job. The lesson I learned from this competition was to push myself HARD at least twice a week. I think it's time to kick it up a notch!