Matthew Emecheta's Biggest Loser Blog - Sept. 30

Ive been sick for the last couple of days..but I've still been doing my workouts. Being all clogged up makes it very hard to workout because you cant breath and you keep sniffing so people think im on crack. Im not on crack i just have a cold. Again this week im focusing on cardio, i like cardio because its a challege to me. i can now jog around the track one complete time. when im done im out of breath but i keep walking to keep my heart rate up. when ive cooled down i run another time. five weeks ago i couldnt jog for more than 30 secs before i would just end up laying on the track floor acting like i was tying my shoe. So now that i have one time around the track im shooting for two times around the track. i made a personal goal to stay on the efx machine longer than 15 min because Alicia made my 15 min on the machine look like childs play to her 60 min. Im catching up to her 40 more min to go. (im not excited by any means..:) Ive been eating weird things this week I really like hot cold black eyed peas on a salad. i cook the black eyed peas in cheyene pepper and put them in the refridgearator and let them cool off. then i put them on the salad its really good. ive been eating lots of fiber too. Let me be the first to say the reduced milk (blue label milk for the common people) is not all that bad its a little watery but you really can taste the ceral better. My new favorite is Special K Vanillia Almond. Im not taking the specail K challenge though...just for breakfast. i can't imagine eating it three times a day thats just crazy. Last week i walked in the store with my Biggest Loser shirt on after we taped. I was walking by the cakes and this old lady says, Hey i saw you on the website. She gave me lots of encouragment then at the end she says "you cant have cake why you looking at the cake". Only my mother would say was looking at the cake i just wanted to see the calories in a slice once slice of chocolate cake 385 calories and there were 15 servings in the cake.OMG. Now besides becoming a gym person now im a calorie counter. if you say anything about food i can tell you how many calories are in it. Or i can look it up. Im one of those people at the resturant that goes "can i see your nurtional facts" and the servers are saying in the back " I got a calorie counter at table 98." yes people im a calorie counter and proud of it!