Alicia Martin's Biggest Loser Blog - September 30

I'm starting to feel pretty good.  We're having a "relay" of some sort Wednesday October 1st, and I don't know what's in store for us.  I'm feeling pretty good about my cardio abilities....hopefully it'll be something like that. 

Today one of my student's had a birthday and her mom sent in a cake and some chips. Now the cake wasn't that hard to pass up, but ohhhhhh was I tempted by the chips. I looked at the nutritional info and it was like 160 calories for 11 chips.  Me and those chips had to have a serious conversation about whether or not it was worth it to eat some.....

The chips were all like,"I'm only 160 calories, and I taste REALLY good!"
And I said,"But I only get to have like 11 of you!"
The chips replied,"But, Alicia, you NEVER pass on chips.  You know you want some!"
Shaking my head, I said, " No! Get ye demon from my sight!"
And I put the leftover chips back in the student's bag.
Once again good has triumphed over evil!
The End.....(to be continued)