Dollar General responds to pricing problems

After calls to Dollar General Headquarters in Tennessee, WDAM received a response this from a communications representative regarding a report we brought to you Monday.

The story on Monday addressed pricing discrepancies within a Dollar General store along Highway 49 in Hattiesburg. Some shelf prices did not match the price at the register.

Dollar General's statement included, "...our prices are controlled electronically from the corporate office. Our stores receive notices to change prices on the shelves reflecting the newly programmed prices at the register. Synchronizing these two steps is a routine matter, and we work hard to avoid discrepancies.
Nonetheless, when a discrepancy is found, we refund the difference as a matter of policy. This was an unusual circumstance with a new store manager."

WDAM has received numerous unconfirmed calls regarding the same problem at other locations in Hattiesburg, Laurel, Sumrall, Shady Grove and Starkville.
We contacted headquarters again and were told they had no knowledge of other stores having the problem. We're also told the stores will be looked into.