Linda Boutwell's Biggest Loser Blog - Sept. 26

We had a good weigh-in and meeting Thursday evening.  Five of us lost and one of us turtled.  I love our Thursday meetings where all of us get together.  Sic 'em, contestants.


Now to the indoor cycling at JCJC.  You spell it  T-O-U-G-H.    OMIGOSH.  But what a great way to get in shape!  I bragged on my teacher in one of my latest videos.  He is great.  I can already tell a difference after three sessions in my beginner class.  And thereʼs room for more students if any of you want to join us!  On my (outdoor) bike Iʼm using higher gears than I ever did before and Iʼm staying out of the lower gears that I used to rely on so much.  My stamina is building.  Iʼm getting stronger and longer-winded, too.


I mentioned in a recent video that one of my favorite foods was a fruit salad that I mixed up, and I stated that Iʼd put the recipe in one of my blogs.  Well, hereʼs the recipe that you can easily mix, place in small airtight containers, and eat on the go.  Customize it as you wish, just stick to the low calorie, low fat, low sugar theme.


24-ounce carton of non-fat cottage cheese

One or two envelopes of sugar-free gelatin

One can each of drained crushed pineapple and tropical fruit or fruit cocktail in its own juice, not heavy syrup

One bowl of sugar-free, non-fat whipped topping


Stir it all up together and enjoy (in moderation as with anything!)