J.R. Carter's Biggest Loser Blog - Sept. 1 through Sept. 28

Week 1 - Sept. 1 through 7
Monday – Hurricane Gustav! What a day to start a physical fitness challenge! Raining hard and almost everything being closed, I decided to walk laps around Target. I actually bought Guitar Hero while I was there and wasn’t planning too. But you know how that place is… $100 gone every time you walk out. I hope I don’t have to keep walking there long. I started the official diet even though I haven’t yet met with Pam to advise me on a meal plan. Just watching what and how much I eat.

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Tuesday – Hurricane gone, but the gym is still closed. I was able to walk around the mall today just to get some dry walk time in. Still just watching what I’m eating today.
Wednesday – Met with Pam today. No “diet” per say, which is good to hear. Just reduced my calorie intake to 2200 per day. No real secret here on how to lose weight…just diet and exercise, but I’ve ignored it too long. I also met with Matt to discuss the exercise plan; very encouraging talk. Next I went to the gym to meet with Caleb to go over the different machines and how they all work and what they have in mind for us.
Thursday – First day of the official work out. I started on the bicycle for 20 minutes and then the treadmill for a mile. Some light upper body and that about wrapped it up. Figuring I may be sore Friday.
Friday – Very light work out at the gym today. My main concern is to watch what I eat. Friday has typically been my “the week is over, lets celebrate with food” day. I was able to keep the calories to a minimum and was very proud of myself for not splurging.
Saturday – Went for a 2.5 mile walk with the wife and baby around the lake. Also went to the gym for about an hour. I’m surprised I haven’t had any sore days yet…maybe next week once they start pushing us harder.
Sunday – Gym closed, but we were able to get a 1.7 walk in and also enjoy the lake on a great day outside. End of the 1st week is here and I’m so proud of myself for staying strict on the diet. I feel great and my belt is actually starting to loosen up.
Week 2 – 9/8 through 9/14
Monday – Routined the gym after work today. It felt great. Jennifer was there and pushed me onto the step-master (I really hate this thing). My legs burned hard and my lungs struggled to keep air in my body… Diet is going great, no problems.
Tuesday – I woke up early with the baby today (4:45 a.m.). I decided to go ahead and hit the gym while the wife fed the baby girl. I was only able to stay 40 minutes before having to come home and go to work. I felt great the whole morning. I cannot describe the difference! I felt so good, I decided to go back that afternoon for another round. It is easy to stay on the diet and exercise when it becomes a routine.
Wednesday – Another early morning with Scott, then work, and back again in the afternoon. I mentioned to Jennifer that I started two-a-days and was loving it. She warned I might want to slow down to keep from burning out.
Thursday – I took Jennifer’s advice and skipped the gym today.  I actually missed going this morning. Felt slow and sluggish all day, but still kept away on her advice. Diet still going good, no problems yet. Did our first camera interview which turned out good, a little nervous at first. Also had our first official weigh in today. Lost 12 pounds. Awesome feeling to have the hard work pay off.
Friday – Back to two a days. Feels good. Diet is still on track. Pants and shirts are loose more. I tried to get into some old “skinny” clothes… some fit, others not yet.
Saturday – Back at the gym for more cardio work out. Went to Pensacola to work out with a friend on Russian Kettlebells. 2 hours with him and I could barely stand up, covered in sweat, and about ready to pass out. Once the punishment was over, we talked about how to start up a daily work out with the Kettlebells.
Sunday – Gym closed. Took the day off to spend some time at the lake.
Week 3 – 9/15 through 9/21
Monday – My gosh I am sore all over. My legs are killing me! I can barely get in and out of my car… Stayed away from the gym to recover from the dreaded Kettlebell workout.
Tuesday – Hard day at work and needed at home to help with the baby. Couldn’t make it to the gym today. Still on track with the diet without issue.
Wednesday – Back to the gym this morning. Mainly cardio with some light upper body weight training. Went back that afternoon to finish up (and catch up) on my week. Jennifer was closing that night and she worked Alicia and I pretty hard. Felt good to be challenged.
Thursday – My birthday! No gym today. Taking a break. 2nd camera interview…reaching to fill in time with it. Not many changes to talk about from the first week. Also, our 2nd weight in – 6 more pounds gone. I wore a shirt today that I’ve had in the closet for 2 years waiting on me to slim down. Went to Longhorns to celebrate with wife, baby, and parents. Had the prime rib and enjoyed every bite!
Friday – Another full day at work, so I knew I couldn’t make the early a.m. Wife, baby, and I all made it to the gym Friday afternoon. Funny to see the baby bouncing up and down while her mama wore in her in the baby carrier. Again, mainly cardio.
Saturday – Surprise visit from my sister in Atlanta. She is pregnant with her first child so all the family came down. Gym only open for 5 hours, so by the time we had a free moment, it was long closed.
Sunday – Gym closed. Stayed on the diet most of the day. Friends had a cookout at night and I will admit to splurging on some dessert…although I felt terrible afterwards.
Week 4 – 9/22 through 9/28
Monday – Had a car accident and couldn’t make the gym. Back on the calorie control full time.
Tuesday – Left foot hurts today and scared to hurt it further. Staying off of it for now. Hopefully it’ll get better tomorrow.
More to come.