Linda Boutwell's Biggest Loser Blog - Sept. 22

What a weekend!  I actually got to stay home some.  It was so nice.  I also got all my exercise in:  Saturday morning at the Live Well Center, and Sunday afternoon on my bike in my neighborhood for 45 minutes/7 miles.  I made it up Harper Hill without stopping, but I was going v-e-r-y slowly by the time I got to the top.


I had a nice rest Saturday afternoon.  I watched NBC's "The Biggest Loser" 2-hour premiere which I had taped Tuesday night.  It was great.  I must say, our trainers are not mean like Jillian and Bob.  They are extremely helpful and respectful. 


What impressed me most about the program was the graphic display of people's insides showing the effects of fat.  And how grateful people were to be chosen as contestants.  I can relate to that. 


Today I rode my bike during my lunch hour:  30 minutes and 3.6 miles.  I felt peppier after I got back than before I went. 


I have started an indoor cycling class at JCJC.  It is torture.  As if the exercise isn't torturous enough, the seat feels like concrete.  And most Tuesday nights I go to the "Y" to square dance, which is a fairly good workout and fun.