Viewpoint: What Happens in Vegas

As I’m sure you are aware, O.J. Simpson is back on trial. 
At this rate they really need to build the man a custom made recliner since he is, after all, arthritic - as he informed us repeatedly in at least one of the trials for allegedly nearly beheading his ex-wife and killing the young man she was with.
Not that it has limited the number of days he spends on the golf course. He is in trial in Las Vegas for allegedly leading a group of semi-tough guys in a raid on a hotel suite where they allegedly threatened at gun point some other guys who were allegedly trafficking in O.J.’s personal memorabilia. 
Now wait a minute…how can you blame O.J. since all the commercials say what happens in Vegas, says in Vegas? 
Of course, if found guilty, O.J. could be spending the next several years in or around Las Vegas courtesy of the Nevada Department of Corrections in the crossbar hotel. What are you going to do? 
Seems “The Juice” just can’t keep out of trouble, and he had such a promising career in acting and broadcasting. 
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