Alicia Martin's Biggest Loser Blog - September 22

60 Minutes & 10 K!!!
What does that mean?????
It means that Sunday I was on the elliptical for a total time of 60 minutes

and went a distance of 10K (about 6.2 miles)!!!!!!!!!!!
I know my ongoing saga with the elliptical machine is not that interesting to most folks, but seriously, my biggest loser brothers and sisters: "ya'll know what I'm  talking about, right?"

And, oh yeah.....hooray for me. I seriously made it through a HUGE temptation. One of my husband's friends made LASAGNA!!! And sent some home with him......I only had like 100 calories left for the was like 7:00p.m.....and that lasagna had soooooo many more than that. But I did not succumb.  I just let my husband have it.

I seriously don't know what was harder....60 minutes on the elliptical or passing on that little bowl of pasta and cheese heaven.