Linda Boutwell's Biggest Loser Blog - Sept. 17

I took the opportunity to get some groceries Monday night.  I read more labels that night than I ever have before, I guess.  Put some stuff back, too.  It's really a good thing that we have labels on food; it's surprising some of the stuff we shouldn't eat!


I'm going to the Live Well Center at least three times a week and working out for an hour or two.  Sometimes it's a bit tough; but it seems once I get started I get a little peppier and pick up the pace.  I also go square dancing Tuesday nights at the Laurel "Y," and I have a Gazelle (exercise equipment) at home facing the TV.  I watch good ol' Smokey Mountain videos with great background gospel music which makes it enjoyable. I also have a nice bike; now that the weather is cooling off, I plan to ride around Laurel on my lunch hour and go to the Long Leaf Trace, which is great. I do know the two weeks I've been working out have been a tremendous help to me.  I feel better, healthier, stronger....


Encouragement I'm getting from friends, family, and acquaintances is such a great help to me.  And I'm so happy the other 5 contestants are doing so well, too.  We had a great meeting last Thursday evening with over 50 pounds lost among us!  Pretty good, huh?