Editorial: Pay it Forward

Perhaps you are familiar with the concept of paying it forward.  


Simply put, the phrase means if someone does something good for you, you are then obligated to do something good for someone else. Paying good deeds forward in a never ending cycle is a rewarding way to live and powerful force for good.  


Just over three years ago, those of us devastated by Hurricane Katrina were humbled and filled with gratitude as we were literally overwhelmed by the huge number of our fellow brothers and sisters from all over this great nation as they came in droves to help us in every way possible.


They helped by clearing debris, rebuilding, bringing truck loads of desperately needed food, water and supplies along with willing hearts and hands to aid us as we began to recover from what nature had wrought.  


Almost three years to the day, nature’s terrible hand in the form of hurricanes Gustav and - more noteably - Ike bypassed us and ravaged Louisiana and Texas.  


Now is the time for us to pay it forward. Let’s do for the victims of those storms what others did for us after Katrina. Whether it’s volunteering to work with the Red Cross or other relief agencies or church groups we if need - if at all possible--to repay a debt.  


I’m Jim Cameron urging you to help others as we ourselves were so generously helped.


Contact Jim Cameron at jcameron@wdam.com