Yolanda Baker's Biggest Loser Blog - September 5

This entire competition is a dream come true! It is so ironic that prior to the Biggest Loser email I was down in the dumps about my weight and trying to make a decision of what diet I would use this time!!! I have always been in the double digit sizes growing up. I have tried several diets and weight loss plans throughout life. (As you can see they never work or I don't stay consistent) Since last Friday (when I got that wonderful phone call for the biggest loser challenge) my attitude and entire lifestyle has changed. I'm slowly learning how to watch calories, serving sizes and knowing that working out is the key. I have committed to working out 5 days a week and although in sucha short time frame I have stuck with it. There is a constant reminder in my apartment of old pictures and clothing that I want to reach (and fit into).

I am truly overly excited about this challenge, and can't wait to November 21st when it is announced that YOLANDA LATRICE BAKER IS THE BIGGEST LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!