Jones County suffers flood damage from Gustav

Most of the flood waters in north Jones County have receded, but more rainfall could be on the way.

Several homes suffered severe flood damage from Gustav's downpours. Many residents who live around Univeristy Avenue said their homes were flooded because of a congested creek nearby. They said the county had promised to clean drainage systems, but has yet to do so.

Beat 1 Supervisor Johnny Burnett said those claims aren't true because work was completed last year.

"We put a culvert over there on Valley Drive because the culvert was washing out," said Burnett. "My men walked this ditch, and you can talk to any of my men that you want to, and they can verify that we walked this ditch and cut all of the downed trees that was in the ditch and threw all of the logs out of it."

Burnett said he doesn't want the county workers to be seen as villains. He said the board of supervisor's is willing to talk with anyone about the matter.