Mississippi coast begins picking up the pieces after Gustav

The damage from Hurricane Gustav on Mississippi's Gulf Coast seems to be hit or miss in many places.

In Gulfport, some homes had the shingles blown off the roofs, and many boats were tossed on their side or had capsized.

But overall, a view from the air showed most homes had minor to moderate damage. The effects from Gustav could also be seen in Waveland, were many homes were surrounded by flood waters.

Winds from the storm knocked over boats in the water, and part of a roadway along the coast had been washed out from the storm surge. MEMA reports there are still 90 shelters operating statewide and 10,500 evacuees housed in those shelters; 44,000 homes and businesses are still without power -18,000 with entergy - and almost 27,000 with various electric power associations in southwest Mississippi.