Ellisville pastor speaks about beating

Reported by Ontario Richardson - bio - email: orichardson@wdam.com
The pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Ellisville is defending his reputation.
A disgruntled former member of his congregation, Michael Clark, allegedly beat him with an air hose Wednesday after a text message was sent to his wife by the pastor.
Steve Nixon, with his wife by his side, told WDAM about the incident.

"As I began to get out of my truck with my children, I was broadsided with object as I know as now was an air hose with a copper fitting at the end, by that I was stuck several times from this attacker saying stop texting his wife," said Nixon.

Nixon said he was not able to get a word in to explain why the message was sent. But Nixon said it was all a mistake.

"I got a phone call from a widow in our church that was in the hospital," Nixon added. "She called me and said, 'Pastor, I need some help in my house and I need someone to come.' I strolled into my cell phone, contacted a lady in our WU department, and I left a text message and said 'Call me when you can please.'"

Nixon said later that day received a call from Clark's wife.

"She said, 'I received a text that says call me when you can please.' And I said, 'Yes I'm so sorry. It was a lady about something, and her name is right under yours, and I accidentally hit yours, and I'm sorry.' She said, 'I've done that before brother Steve.'"

Nixon admits the Clark family recently left the church because of similar accusations. He said all the accusations are false, but he did apologize to his congregation several months ago for any rumors they may have heard. The members of the church said they support their pastor 100 percent.

"I trust my pastor. He's a man of God," said Danny Rose. "He led me to God, and I believe whatever he tells me. I have no reason to believe what's wrote on a piece of paper. I believe the man himself."

Nixon said if need be he will make all of his text messages available to an elected body of members to ease the concern and eliminate all false accusations.