Alcohol vote likely concerning annexed portions of Hattiesburg

Less than a dozen residents may have the final say in whether or not alcohol can be served in proposed and newly annexed areas of Hattiesburg.

The Hattiesburg City Council voted Tuesday to approve Newpointe Shopping Center's request to be annexed into the city.

We are told it will take a few months for the paperwork to be complete. The owner and management of Season's, a restaurant in Newpointe, said if the annexation is approved, they will seek a license to serve wine at the restaurant.

They said they have no intentions of opening a bar, but would allow patrons to have drinks with their meals. In order for that to happen, an election would have to be held involving areas annexed since 2005 including Greystone subdivision as well as parcels of land off Lincoln Road Extension and Highway 11 South.

Officials said there are 11 registered voters in those areas.