Editorial: Hurricane Anniversaries Remind Us

Thirty-nine years ago this past Sunday, I was awakened by something neither I, nor anyone else who went through it, will ever forget - the horror that was Hurricane Camille. 


It left death and destruction in its wake, and the eye passed directly over the Pine Belt. When morning dawned, it looked as though we had been through an air raid. On the Mississippi coast, winds were clocked at over 200 mph, making it a category five hurricane.  

After something like that, you assume that’s as bad as it gets. Wrong again.  


Three years ago on August 29 we got an even worse beating as Hurricane Katrina roared through, and again the eye centered right over us. While not as strong a category as Camille, it was a bigger hurricane and lingered longer leaving even more death and destruction. Katrina has as her legacy the worst natural disaster to hit North American in recorded history.    

There have been lesser, but still very destructive hurricanes in between. Right now, a mean storm named Fay is menacing in the Gulf. While not expected to come our way, past experience shows us that hurricanes can be unpredictable indeed. 


At the risk of redundancy, we once again remind everyone to be prepared. Hurricane season won’t be over for a while, and August holds especially bad memories. 


Stock up on the essentials now, and keep those who might be in harm’s way in your thoughts and prayers. Be willing to lend a hand if the worst happen, just as so many have helped us.  


I’m Jim Cameron with a grim reminder, ddon’t take chances with mother nature.  


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