Jones County Sheriff's department may receive increased funding

The Jones County Sheriff's Department might get only a third of the increase it requested for the new fiscal year budget.

Jones County supervisors have set the budget. Board president Andy Dial said there will be no tax increases, and most everyone's budget will likely remain the same.

Dial said because the county has experienced a 3.7 percent growth, the Sheriff's department is likely to get some extra money. Sheriff Alex Hhodge said although his department will not get the $1.5 million increase it requested, anything is better than nothing.

"We've come a long way since January 7, and are pleased," said Hodge. "We hope the citizens can kind get a glimpse of where we are wanting to go. They have allowed us to continue that effort, and I believe in the coming months ahead we will be challenged as a department and will continue to educate the community on the challenges we do face as department, so when citizens are asked to step up to the plate they'll know what they are getting."

There will be a public hearing for the proposed budget on Sept. 2.