Wicker, Musgrove visit Hattiesburg

The two candidates battling it out for a U.S. Senate seat representing Mississippi, made stops in the Hub City for a little bit of politicking.

Current Senator Rodger Wicker and his opponent, former governor Ronnie Musgrove, were both shaking hands and explaining why they would be best suited for the job.

Wicker said his experience as congressmman shows he knows how to handle the position; while Musgrove said that is the problem.

Both men spoke about top issues affecting Mississippi as well as the nation, mainly the energy crunch and the need to end foreign dependence on oil.

"We need to remove the ban on using our own resources offshore and in the Rocky Mountains, and then we need to move for incentives and additional research for electric cars and for other alternative sources," said Wicker.

"In the energy plan, what we need is a comprehensive diverse approach that includes drilling; it includes incentives for alternative fuel; it includes holding big oil companies accountable, more focus on coal and nuclear so that we can end our dependence on foreign oil," said Musgrove

Voters will choose between the two in November.