Editorial: Bobby Chain's Award

Last night, for the first time in Mississippi, the Boy Scouts of America bestowed upon Hattiesburg native Bobby Chain their prestigious “Lifetime Acheivement Award." 


Chain, a highly successful businessman and entepreneur, has led a life of service.  


He is a former mayor of Hattiesburg, a member of the State College Board, and has been the “go-to” man on so many public projects it’s hard to go far in Hattiesburg without seeing a building or facility named in his honor.  


In some ways, one might describe Bobby Chain as a force of nature. He can be controversial and opinionated. He can be compassionate and generous. He is well read and knows people all over the country. You may or may not always agree with him, but Bobby Chain knows how to get things done, and in many ways our community and its two universities are far better off for his many endeavors.  


While he would be the first to tell you that he, like most, is less than perfect, he has used his self-made status to help the people and area he loves more than most, and we congratulate Bobby Chain on this honor.  


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